Definition of cholinesterase in English:



  • An enzyme, especially acetylcholinesterase, that hydrolyzes esters of choline.

    ‘Cholinesterase inhibitors, which reduce cholinesterase - the enzyme that breaks down acetylcholine - are the only FDA-approved treatment for Alzheimer's.’
    • ‘By inhibiting cholinesterase, more acetylcholine is available for normal memory-related and cognitive functioning.’
    • ‘In someone with Alzheimer's, cholinesterase breaks down and destroys acetylcholine, the neurotransmitter chemical.’
    • ‘Organophosphate and carbamates are nerve poisons that lower the blood levels of an enzyme called cholinesterase, which aids in the regulation of the nervous system.’
    • ‘Normally, at these nicotinic synapses, the transmitter is rapidly destroyed by the enzyme cholinesterase, so its action is evanescent; this is not the case with nicotine.’



/ˌkōləˈnestərās/ /ˌkoʊləˈnɛstəreɪs/ /kōləˈnesteˌrāz/ /koʊləˈnɛsteˌreɪz/