Definition of chondrite in English:



  • A stony meteorite containing small mineral granules (chondrules).

    ‘My research has largely been in the chemistry of how the particular components of chondrites, very primitive meteorites, actually formed in the solar nebula.’
    • ‘If the impact object was a stony carbonaceous chondrite there would be silicates all over the impact site.’
    • ‘Carbonaceous chondrites are representative of the early material of the solar system, very primitive material, so it's the closest we get to the stuff from which the solar system evolved.’
    • ‘Known as the Ningqiang carbonaceous chondrite, the primitive meteorite is a space relic that formed shortly after the solar system's creation.’
    • ‘They also make up well over half of the organic compounds in the most common type of meteorites, called carbonaceous chondrites, which have rained down on the Earth along with other cosmic dust ever since the planet formed.’



/ˈkändrīt/ /ˈkɑndraɪt/


Mid 19th century from Greek khondros ‘granule’+ -ite.