Definition of chondritic in English:


Pronunciation /känˈdritik/


See chondrite

‘For Toutatis, Ostro hopes to find a higher density, because if the density he finds is high enough, it would be possible to exclude chondritic compositions and say for sure that Toutatis is a stony-iron object.’
  • ‘Planetary geologists, however, know little about the lower mantle of the Moon, so no one knows whether it is chondritic.’
  • ‘The answer comes from a fourth line of evidence on the deep-Earth composition: cosmic abundances of the elements deduced from analyses of chondritic meteorites and the solar photosphere.’
  • ‘Achondrites, on the other hand, come from chondritic parent bodies that have been heated to the melting point, destroying their chondrules and separating heavy and light minerals into a core and mantle.’
  • ‘The linear trend defined by the Intermediate Unit has a Zr / Hf ratio of 38, which is within chondritic values and it is similar to mid-ocean ridge basalt and continental material.’