Definition of chondrocyte in English:



  • A cell which has secreted the matrix of cartilage and become embedded in it.

    ‘Microscopic examination revealed nodules of hyaline cartilage with chondrocytes arranged in a clustering pattern.’
    • ‘It is essentially composed of a type II collagen sponge supported by water held in place by proteoglycans produced by the chondrocytes embedded in the matrix.’
    • ‘Epiphyseal cartilages showed huge chondrocytes, frequently with intracytoplasmic vacuoles.’
    • ‘Like all mammalian cells, articular chondrocytes can be injured or killed by excess heat.’
    • ‘Moreover, the use of articular chondrocytes as healing cells for a meniscal lesion was determined by the outcome of the previous studies, in which the bonding properties of this cell source were demonstrated and measured.’



/ˈkändrəˌsīt/ /ˈkɑndrəˌsaɪt/