Definition of choriocarcinoma in English:


nounplural noun choriocarcinomas, plural noun choriocarcinomata/-ˈnōmətə/

  • A malignant tumor of the uterus that originates in the cells of the chorion of a fetus.

    ‘Splenic metastases associated with melanomas, choriocarcinomas, and breast carcinomas were often detected long after primary tumors were diagnosed.’
    • ‘Overall, late metastases to the spleen were seen more often in melanomas, choriocarcinomas, and breast carcinomas.’
    • ‘Lymphoma, choriocarcinoma, ovarian carcinoma and other malignancies for which effective chemotherapy exists and tumors such as carcinoid (which are noted for an indolent course) may be associated with prolonged survival.’
    • ‘The more uncommon pure choriocarcinomas may be explained by overgrowth of the adenocarcinoma by the choriocarcinoma and alternatively by de novo choriocarcinomas arising in HCG-producing cells normally present in the stomach.’
    • ‘Unlike the hydatidiform moles, choriocarcinomas and placental-site trophoblastic tumors lack chorionic villi.’



/ˌkôrēōˌkärsəˈnōmə/ /ˌkɔrioʊˌkɑrsəˈnoʊmə/