Definition of choucroute garni in English:

choucroute garni


  • A French dish consisting of sauerkraut flavored with juniper and served with assorted meats.

    ‘Most cooks know that choucroute garni is an Alsatian dish consisting of braised, tart cabbage (like our sauerkraut) garnished with meats including sliced pork and sausage.’
    • ‘Accompany this choucroute garni with mustard and horseradish sauce.’
    • ‘One of the world's great regional dishes, choucroute garni is quintessentially Alsatian.’
    • ‘And the delicious choucroute garni is a feast of pork, goose confit, and foie gras atop a bed of excellent sauerkraut.’
    • ‘The onion tart here is one of the best you will find anywhere and the choucroute garni is excellent.’


choucroute garni

/SHo͞oˌkro͞ot ɡärˈnē/ /ʃuˌkrut ɡɑrˈni/


French, literally ‘garnished sauerkraut’.