Definition of Christ's thorn in English:

Christ's thorn


  • A thorny shrub popularly supposed to have formed Christ's crown of thorns.

    either of two shrubs related to the buckthorn (Paliurus spina-christi and Ziziphus spina-christi, family Rhamnaceae). and another term for and crown of thorns and (sense 2)

    • ‘It is called kerenda in Malaya, karaunda in Malaya and India; Bengal currant or Christ's thorn in South India; nam phrom, or namdaeng in Thailand; caramba, caranda, caraunda and perunkila in the Philippines.’
    • ‘In some areas overseas, Christ's thorn has formed dense thickets and is considered to be a serious pest.’
    • ‘In addition to grains and small grasses, Weiss and his colleagues say Ohalo's early residents ate Mount Tabor acorns, almonds, pistachios, wild olives, along with fruits and berries that included Christ's thorn, raspberry, wild fig and wild grape.’
    • ‘The site is dotted with rubble, Christ's thorn, and a few palm and olive trees.’
    • ‘In the first stretch you will observe the typical shrubs of the western sides of the Reserve: sweetgum, Christ's thorn, Spanish broom, juniper, phyllirea.’