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‘The deaths of Ned and Jimmy highlight the book's pervasive religious elements, for both characters are depicted as Christlike figures, men whose blood is shed to redeem their people.’
  • ‘Christianity can sometimes be a word that means nothing, unless you live your life in a Christlike fashion.’
  • ‘He was very noble in his bearing, almost Christlike, but with an accessible persona that brought to mind the universal acceptance of George Washington as the father of our country.’
  • ‘Harper's desire was to awaken in her readers ‘a stronger sense of justice and a more Christlike humanity in behalf of those whom the fortunes of war threw, homeless, ignorant and poor, upon the threshold of a new era’.’
  • ‘Ample opportunities exist for physicians, nurses, and therapists to embody Christlike concern for their patients, treating them as suffering people who bear the image of God-not as scientific experiments or bureaucratic cases.’



/ˈkrīs(t)ˌlīk/ /ˈkraɪs(t)ˌlaɪk/