Definition of Christmas pudding in English:

Christmas pudding


  • A rich boiled pudding eaten at Christmas, made with flour, suet, and dried fruit.

    ‘cream to pour over your mince pies and Christmas puddings’
    mass noun ‘a dessert wine to accompany Christmas pudding’
    • ‘The 181 sailors on board will be celebrating a traditional Christmas with all the trimmings - turkey, mince pies and Christmas pudding are all on the menu, all stored on board before the ship sailed on November 1.’
    • ‘Right now she's busy making up about 500 Christmas puddings for the restaurant.’
    • ‘The book aims to to initiate the French into the delights of kedgeree, welsh rarebit, sticky toffee and Christmas puddings.’
    • ‘We boiled the Christmas pudding in the old copper and we split and roasted chestnuts on the fire.’
    • ‘Around Christmas time, they also make Christmas cake and Christmas pudding.’
    • ‘Mum walks over to the larder and there is much clanking and banging, I hear tins being pushed along the shelves, even the Christmas puddings being moved.’
    • ‘Youngsters dined on a feast of turkey, sausage, roast potatoes, carrots, peas, stuffing and gravy, followed by a choice of Christmas pudding and custard or ice-cream.’
    • ‘Brett and I joined in the fun, picking up a box for ourselves as well as a fine Christmas pudding and a selection of chocolate biscuits.’
    • ‘I find traditional Christmas pudding too rich after lunch - one spoonful and I want to sleep for three hours - but this light toffee-flavoured sponge is a wonderful alternative.’
    • ‘There's warm, moist Christmas pudding with rich brandy butter.’
    • ‘However, there will be Christmas puddings and mince pies.’
    • ‘‘I shall have hot Christmas pudding with lashings of brandy butter,’ she said merrily.’
    • ‘They also took on board other seasonal essentials including turkeys, mince pies and Christmas puddings.’
    • ‘One of her favourite pastimes was baking pies and she used to make Christmas puddings for all the family, friends in the street and friends in her local chapel.’
    • ‘Those planning a meal on December 25 could consider replacing Christmas pudding with apple pie, which came out favourite among those polled.’
    • ‘Popular desserts were trifle, fruit salad and traditional Christmas pudding, often made wrapped in a cloth and boiled in the copper.’
    • ‘Mince pies, Christmas pudding, nuts and chocolate were all banned, and he was not even allowed to a festive tipple.’
    • ‘Many readers may be aware that the celebration of Christmas was abolished in 1644, and that the Puritans made it illegal to eat mince pies and Christmas pudding, which they declared was a heathen practice.’
    • ‘Seasonal items you will wish to offer are dainty cookies and squares, shortbread, Christmas puddings and fruit cakes, chocolate Yule logs, mincemeat pies and butter tarts.’
    • ‘Malcolm's Christmas pudding with brandy ice cream, served in a pool of butterscotch sauce, was a moist, fruity, creamy melange which more than lived up to the meal's price tag.’


Christmas pudding