Definition of Christogram in English:



  • A symbol for Christ, consisting of the Greek letters chi (Χ) and rho (Ρ).

    ‘The most common Christogram is IHS or IHC, derived from the first three letters of the Greek name of Jesus.’
    • ‘One of the oldest Christograms is the Chi-Rho or Labarum.’
    • ‘The Chi-Rho monogram, or Christogram, combined X and P, the first two letters in the name of Christ.’
    • ‘The letters forming the Christogram begin an elegiac couplet in Greek that moves down the mast to encompass part of the ship, at which point a series of Latin hexameters takes over.’
    • ‘On the main wall opposite the entrance the apostles Peter and Paul are pointing towards the Christogram symbolising the presence of Christ.’



/ˈkristəˌɡram/ /ˈkrɪstəˌɡræm/