Definition of Christologically in English:


Pronunciation /ˌkristlˈäjik(ə)lē/


See Christology

‘As an attorney in public service, I picked up ‘Performing the Faith’ with particular delight, since I have drawn deeply on Bonhoeffer for a Christologically grounded, responsible faith lived in my own vocation.’
  • ‘He interprets Genesis 3: 15 Christologically, and wants to prove with the contrast between Eve and Mary that the pronouncement in Genesis 3: 15 is fulfilled in Mary and Christ.’
  • ‘That is, we come to the first testament through the second, and reading the Old Testament Christologically (which still permits enormous diversity) is a Christian prerequisite.’
  • ‘But this is not explicitly Christologically based, and certainly not based in a recourse to a Christomorphic image of God.’
  • ‘So, when we preach, we have to preach Christologically.’