Definition of christophine in English:



(also christophene)
another term for chayote (sense 1)
‘Cut christophenes in half and cook until tender.’
  • ‘With them were boiled green pawpaw and a christophene gratinée.’
  • ‘Chop the vegetables into convenient bite-size pieces (feel free to substitute according to your preference - cauliflower, christophene, squash, whatever's your favourite).’
  • ‘For vegetarians there's spiced pumpkin risotto accompanied by sweet peppers, spinach and christophene in a light curry foam - as good to eat as it is to look at.’
  • ‘Sechium edule, also called custard marrow, vegetable pear, mirliton, christophine, choko, and many other names, is a fruit of the gourd family which is peculiar in having one large seed.’



/ˈkristəˌfēn/ /ˈkrɪstəˌfin/


Probably based on the French given name Christophe.