Definition of chromatically in English:


Pronunciation /-ik(ə)lē/


See chromatic

‘It is useful to consider chord/scale relationships when playing chromatically, so that you can deliberately choose a scale that will increase tension, and then resolve it by returning to an expected scale.’
  • ‘All the varieties of blackness chromatically echo modern women's lifestyles, the pursuit of progress and breakthrough.’
  • ‘‘In the Middle of the Night, Something or Someone Is Under the Bed and I Decide to Look’ is a wonderfully descriptive piece that consists of chromatically rising rhythmic effects within one long crescendo and accelerando.’
  • ‘Black Holes, Bohemians, Colonials, and Boudoirs is an extravagance of chromatically complex cellular forms arrayed in an irregular grid on a 72-by - 96-inch rectangle of hard black acrylic.’
  • ‘At the start a male dancer encircles an orange-yellow clad female dancer, wrapping her waist with a black ribbon, over broken chord patterns in chromatically descending sequences.’