Definition of chrome-moly in English:



(also chromoly)
  • A strong steel alloy made principally of chromium and molybdenum.

    ‘the bicycle is made lighter and stronger with chrome-moly tubing’
    • ‘The tubular body construction is presently made of 4130 chrome-moly, an improvement over the mild steel used in the 1930s.’
    • ‘The monocoque tub is a combination of carbon fiber and aluminum honeycomb with aluminum crush structures and chrome-moly subframes.’
    • ‘Machining operations on all but the softest chrome-moly steels are typically limited to turning and milling.’
    • ‘The chrome-moly roll cage is attached to all significant points in the body structure, adding significant rigidity to an already stiff car body.’
    • ‘Between first ascents of El Cap's North America Wall, Muir Wall, and others, Chouinard began selling hand-forged chrome-moly pistons from the back of his car.’



/ˌkrōm ˈmōlē/ /ˌkroʊm ˈmoʊli/


1980s blend of chromium and molybdenum.