Definition of chrome alum in English:

chrome alum


  • A reddish-purple crystalline compound used in solution in photographic processing and as a mordant in dyeing.

    Chemical formula: K₂SO₄Cr₂(SO₄)₃.24H₂O

    ‘Feel free to increase the concentration of chrome alum, but be aware that the solution becomes deeply colored.’
    • ‘What if you use the slides for immunostaining and you have a nice underlayer of chrome alum below the section?’
    • ‘Mixing gelatin, chrome alum and water makes the gelatin subbing solution.’
    • ‘For those that have some interest in the chemistry of this formula, chrome alum is a double sulphate of potassium and chromium.’
    • ‘In this experiment you will prepare chrome alum KCr 2.12H 2 O by the reduction of potassium dichromate with ethanol.’


chrome alum

/krōm ˈaləm/ /kroʊm ˈæləm/