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chrome steel

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  • A hard fine-grained steel containing chromium, used for making tools.

    ‘High quality fuel injectors are usually made of high alloy chrome steel that can withstand harsh conditions under the hood.’
    • ‘The LCU contains the pump, radiator, reservoir and cooling fan, all neatly enclosed in an attractive looking brushed aluminium and chrome steel enclosure.’
    • ‘Chrome steel was employed in the production of armor plate and projectiles because of its hardness and resistance to shock.’
    • ‘As Miller also points out, the story of Eads's decision to use chrome steel was confusing at the time and has grown even more confusing since.’
    • ‘Generally the hardening temperature chrome steel was 20° to 30° C. higher than for carbon-steel’


chrome steel

/ˈˌkrōm ˈstēl/ /ˈˌkroʊm ˈstil/