Definition of chrominance in English:



  • The colorimetric difference between a given color in a television picture and a standard color of equal luminance.

    ‘This transform space allows luminance and chrominance to be processed separately.’
    • ‘A sequence of passes separates the luminance and chrominance information from the composite video signal and demodulates the color carrier to separate out color information.’
    • ‘The value of a blending coefficient for a pixel in the graphic is based on the luminance and chrominance characteristics of a neighborhood of pixels in the video.’
    • ‘Color images typically have three components, corresponding to the red, green, and blue intensities, or the luminance and two chrominance components.’
    • ‘Typically, each pixel is encoded for luminance, but chrominance is averaged for groups of four pixels, saving about half the bandwidth required to transmit the full-resolution image.’



/ˈkrōmənəns/ /ˈkroʊmənəns/


1950s from Greek khrōma ‘color’, on the pattern of luminance.