Definition of chromium plate in English:

chromium plate

(also chromium-plate)

Pronunciation /ˈkrōmēəm plāt/ /ˈkroʊmiəm pleɪt/


  • 1A thin layer of chromium, electroplated or otherwise applied as a coating to another metal.

    ‘Few people realize that the chromium plate process usually involves a pre-plate of nickel.’
    • ‘The dull or matte chromium plate will not be quite as hard as the bright, but will be far more durable under heavy contact loading.’
    • ‘Zinc plate prevents corrosion in two ways: mechanically and chemically, chromium plate passivates the zinc surface and prevents oxidation.’
    • ‘This hard chromium plate is ideal as a volume production process; repeatable, zero defect, just in time, the ultimate manufacturing wear-resistant treatment.’
    • ‘In the specific case of the bath shown in Sample 3, there is no determinable limit to the thickness of the chromium plate which can be achieved.’
    1. 1.1Metal with a coating of metallic chromium.
      ‘Heat treatment of the chromium plate causes formation of alloys of iron and chromium at the interface, elimination of cracks with resultant tremendous increase in corrosion resistance of the plated surface, and softening of the plate with increase in its ductility.’
      • ‘Henry Brown, a chemist who helped make the American Dream a gleaming reality by finding new ways of keeping chromium plate bright and shiny, died on March 15 at his home in Palo Alto, Calif.’

transitive verb

[with object]
  • Cover (something) with a thin layer of chromium.

    as adjective chromium-plated ‘pure copper, chromium-plated to prevent oxidation’
    • ‘The gun has a chromium-plated barrel and semiautomatic lifting breech block with integrated 32-round standard primer magazine.’
    • ‘The leather chair - one of the main items of furniture in Gray's apartment on the rue Bonaparte in Paris - is supported by her favoured chromium-plated steel tubing.’
    • ‘In 1950 he moved to Bally, Pennsylvania, where in 1952 he designed the Bertoia chair, which features an elegant moulded mesh of chromium-plated steel wire.’
    • ‘Adding insult to injury, new materials were introduced, notably aluminum and chromium-plated brass and other metals, which were considerably less expensive than silver and needed no maintenance.’
    • ‘Aluminum die-castings have the advantage of lightweight, but zinc is more economical to chromium plate.’