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chromium steel

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another term for chrome steel
‘Clad steels can have as the cladding material chromium steel in the 12-15% range, stainless steels primarily of the 18/8 and 25/12 analysis, nickel base alloys such as Monel and Inconel, copper-nickel, and copper.’
  • ‘The carbon content of the pearlite in a 12% chromium steel is 0,33%, as compared with 0,87 in an ordinary steel.’
  • ‘The monolith is finally inserted in a stainless, chromium steel housing and is ready to purify 95% of exhaust gasses.’
  • ‘During surface impregnation of chromium steel with silicon, a light, nonetching, silicon-rich case is formed on the steel; it represents a homogeneous solid solution containing both Cr and Si and has a columnar structure.’
  • ‘Although it is certain that their experimental results are very useful in silicon deoxidation in stainless steelmaking processes, the details of aluminum deoxidation equilibria of chromium steel have not yet been fully understood.’


chromium steel

/ˈkrōmēəm stēl/ /ˈkroʊmiəm stil/