Definition of chromogen in English:



  • A substance which can be readily converted into a dye or other colored compound.

    ‘Immunohistochemistry was performed on an automated immunostainer using the antibodies listed in Table 2 with diaminobenzidine as the chromogen.’
    • ‘The second step was a normalization of the staining intensity range to adjust for batch specific background and maximal staining intensity by the chromogen.’
    • ‘The latter enzyme reacts with a chromogen to produce the final color.’
    • ‘They can be detected by an attack on deoxyribose which originates fragments which, when heated with thiobarbituric acid at low pH, will generate a pink chromogen.’
    • ‘After incubation, the color was developed with the peroxidase substrate (hydrogen peroxide) and the stable chromogen (diaminobenzidine).’



/ˈkrōməjən/ /ˈkroʊmədʒən/