Definition of chromophore in English:



  • An atom or group whose presence is responsible for the color of a compound.

    ‘While researchers have discovered all colored compounds do indeed contain one or more chromophores, not all chromophore containing compounds are colored.’
    • ‘Fading occurs when any chemical process breaks the sequence of conjugated double bonds constituting the chromophore - the dye moiety that imparts colour.’
    • ‘Benzene compounds with which chromophores are combined are known as chromogens.’
    • ‘Some other dye systems are based on the chromophores triphenylmethane, xanthene, anthroquinone, indigo, and phthalocyanine.’
    • ‘A summary statement of possible differences between the photochemistry of simple organic compounds and protein-bound chromophores appears appropriate here.’



/ˈkrōməˌfôr/ /ˈkroʊməˌfɔr/