Definition of chromoplast in English:



  • A colored plastid other than a chloroplast, typically containing a yellow or orange pigment.

    ‘In ripening fruit, chloroplasts develop into chromoplasts and there are large changes in stromule number and morphology, particularly in the inner mesocarp cells.’
    • ‘Although control of gene expression at the transcriptional level is a key regulatory mechanism controlling carotenogenesis in chromoplasts, it is not the only one.’
    • ‘Conversion of chloroplasts to chromoplasts occurs well before flower opening and thus before the reproductive function of the flower commences.’
    • ‘To determine the robustness of these interlinked chromoplasts, protoplasts were made from ripe pericarp fruit tissue and examined for chromoplast-associated GFP fluorescence.’
    • ‘As ripening progresses, fruit colour changes from green to red as chloroplasts are transformed into chromoplasts, chlorophyll is degraded and carotenoids accumulate.’



/ˈkrōməˌplast/ /ˈkroʊməˌplæst/


Late 19th century from chromo-‘color’ + Greek plastos ‘formed’.