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  • Involving or relating to chromosomes.

    ‘a chromosomal disorder’
    • ‘He refused to accept ideas associating the gene with a particular stretch of chromosomal material.’
    • ‘These exposed populations have been shown to have chromosomal damage.’
    • ‘Folate deficiency appears to facilitate genetic modification at a fragile chromosomal site.’
    • ‘She won the Nobel Prize in 1983 for her discovery of chromosomal instability 50 years ago.’
    • ‘Biologic theorists believe chromosomal or nervous system disorders are the cause.’
    • ‘Gross chromosomal disturbance would certainly seem likely to cause either cell death or conversion to a cancerous state.’
    • ‘Chromosomal analysis through blood tests is also available in some cases.’
    • ‘Major chromosomal rearrangements are often found in transformed genomes, suggesting that T-DNA insertion either requires or causes genomic instability.’
    • ‘Groups with chromosomal sex determination systems are expected to evince differences among males and females in absolute DNA content.’
    • ‘The results are discussed in relation to the chromosomal evolution of the genus.’



/ˌkrōməˈsōm(ə)l/ /ˌkroʊməˈsoʊm(ə)l/