Definition of chronaxie in English:



  • The minimum amount of time needed to stimulate a muscle or nerve fiber, using an electric current twice the strength required to elicit a threshold response.

    ‘There were no regular changes revealed in the rheobase of the muscle chronaxie and chronaxie of the defensive reflex after the introduction of Br/sup 82/.’
    • ‘Ganglion cells would be expected to have a chronaxie of less than 1 millisecond like other central nervous system neurons, whereas non-spiking deeper cells have longer chronaxies.’
    • ‘The chronaxies of the directly stimulated elements mediating the delay ranged from 0.13 to 0.24 ms.’
    • ‘The following diagram will assist you in calculating rheobase and chronaxie for your nerve.’
    • ‘The repeated detection of stimulus threshold values and the chronaxie contributes to adapting the pulse delivery and thus the energy delivery to the changing needs of the patient.’



/krōˈnaksē/ /kroʊˈnæksi/