Definition of chronobiology in English:



  • The branch of biology concerned with natural physiological rhythms and other cyclical phenomena.

    ‘Night fears are justified: chronobiology, the study of how the time of day affects the body's functions, is beginning to show that many diseases become worse at night.’
    • ‘Some education in sleep medicine and chronobiology occurs in undergraduate medical education, and additional curricular efforts to expand this exposure are underway at these levels of training.’
    • ‘In the lexicon of chronobiology, the science of body time, Dave is an owl and I'm a lark, and learning how to deal with the difference can turn you into a top performer.’
    • ‘A promising new theory applies chronobiology based on a time-dependent or chronotherapeutic approach to pain assessment and intervention.’
    • ‘This superbly edited, richly illustrated book would be properly employed as a textbook for courses focused on chronobiology.’



/ˌkränōˌbīˈäləjē/ /ˌkrɑnoʊˌbaɪˈɑlədʒi/ /ˌkrōnōˌbīˈäləjē/ /ˌkroʊnoʊˌbaɪˈɑlədʒi/