Definition of chronometry in English:



  • The science of accurate time measurement.

    ‘The reversible timelessness of the imagination distinguishes it from the irreversible chronometry of memory and bends it toward the creation of art.’
    • ‘The zodiac was involved in chronometry, astronomy, and divination.’
    • ‘One reading of ‘Chronometricals and Horologicals’ sees the tale as a parable of nineteenth-century theosophical chronometry.’
    • ‘Jencks - a foremost expert on postmodern architecture and a committed postmodernist - has long been known for his fascination with historical chronometry of a rather morbid kind.’
    • ‘Alan Ayckbourn, author of some 60 mostly memorable plays, has also reinvented space and time, geometry and chronometry.’



/krəˈnämətrē/ /krəˈnɑmətri/