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  • A device for measuring short time intervals, especially in determining the velocity of projectiles, or a person's reaction time.

    ‘The exhibit also features artifacts from late 19th century psychology laboratories, including the Hipp chronoscope and the Cattell voice key, as well as early tools for measuring visual and auditory perception and memory.’
    • ‘The calibration of these chronoscopes is facilitated by the use of the chronograph.’
    • ‘The data obtained with it withstand the comparison with those from much more expensive chronoscopes easily.’
    • ‘This chronoscope was used by the psychology department at Bedford College, University of London from 1900-1969.’
    • ‘Aspects of Brain's work concern the transfer of chronographs, chronoscopes, ergographs, dynamometers and other such instruments from physics and physiology into the new ‘brass instrument’ psychology championed at Harvard especially by Hugo Muensterberg.’



/ˈkränəˌskōp/ /ˈkrɑnəˌskoʊp/ /ˈkrōnəˌskōp/ /ˈkroʊnəˌskoʊp/