Definition of chrysomelid in English:



  • A beetle of a family (Chrysomelidae) that comprises the leaf beetles and their relatives.

    ‘This is consistent with recent studies on chrysomelid beetles and ichneumonoid Hymenoptera and may reflect a highly conserved structure across Holometabola.’
    • ‘Larvae of the chrysomelid, Blepharida schlechtendalii, bite the midrib of Bursera schlechtendalii to stop the flow of resins going to the leaf.’
    • ‘It was also in August that the first chrysomelids were found in France, around the Paris-area airports at Roissy, Orly, and Le Bourget, where the authorities had installed pheromone traps.’
    • ‘Host plants of two other chrysomelid beetles have similarly been found to benefit from the presence of predatory insects.’
    • ‘Parent-offspring communication in response to predators might be especially likely in social Hemiptera, chrysomelid beetles, and sawflies with maternal care.’



/ˌkrisəˈmelid/ /ˌkrɪsəˈmɛlɪd/ /krəˈsäməˌlid/ /krəˈsɑməˌlɪd/


Late 19th century from modern Latin Chrysomelidae (plural), from Chrysomela (genus name), from Greek khrusomēlon, literally ‘golden apple’, influenced by khrusomēlolonthion ‘little golden chafer’.