Definition of chuck-a-luck in English:



North American
  • A gambling game played with three dice.

    ‘I found a chuck-a-luck game online and have a question about how the odds change when betting two numbers.’
    • ‘Chuck-A-Luck (also called Bird Cage) is becoming popular once again, and several casinos have a chuck-a-luck game, but it is usually found in the slot machine area rather than with the table games.’
    • ‘The only material difference between grand hazard and chuck-a-luck is in the layout: the grand hazard layout is more complex and provides spaces for wagering on odd or even, high or low, triples (called raffles), and any number the dice may total, from 4 to 17.’



/ˈCHəkəˌlək/ /ˈtʃəkəˌlək/