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chuck key

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  • A small metal device for tightening the chuck of a drill so that it holds the drill bit securely.

    ‘Originally, reciprocating saws were provided with a separate chuck key to release the saw blade.’
    • ‘I'm always misplacing the chuck key to my drill press.’
    • ‘Step 3: Unscrew the drill chuck by holding down the drill on a sturdy workbench and inserting the chuck key.’
    • ‘Although operably adequate and inexpensive to manufacture, these chuck keys have several shortcomings.’
    • ‘Handyman Erica hint #1: If your drill bit keeps falling out of the drill press, perhaps you forgot to tighten it in all three places with the chuck key.’


chuck key

/ˈCHək ˌkē/ /ˈtʃək ˌki/