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(also chukka)
  • Each of a number of periods (typically six) into which play in a game of polo is divided. A chukker lasts 71/2 minutes.

    ‘Within a week I was playing her as a spare in the Open first game, playing her a full chukker in the second game and she never looked back.’
    • ‘The first section plays a 6-8 minute period or ‘chukka,’ then will rest and cool off their horses while the second section plays the second chukka.’
    • ‘In the final chukker the Army scored a second, but the Navy's Royal captain struck back, setting up a seventh for OM Grant Fraser.’
    • ‘By the fifth minute of the eighth chukker the score was 15-15, and the crowd was going crazy.’
    • ‘The women's match, which started with the two teams on level handicap, saw Zambia ‘A’ going ahead 10-0 at the end of the fifth chukka and the select side had to wait for a goal by Kenyan Nici Thoenes at the start of the final chukka.’
    • ‘Real action started at 15: 00 hrs. with a Ladies Polo Exhibition match, ending after two chukkas in a draw.’
    • ‘Breaks between chukkas are three minutes long, with a five minute halftime.’
    • ‘In every game we scored a difference during the last two chukkers.’
    • ‘Ashy's victory was not however, without a price as one of the team's players was stretchered off the pitch after picking up a back injury in the fourth chukker of the game.’
    • ‘Each game comprises two chukkas of seven minutes long, to make sure the giant beasts do not wear themselves out under the hot sun.’
    • ‘The game is played very fast, so the play time has to be divided into 6 periods of 7 minutes, called chukkas.’
    • ‘From the first chukker to the last, he reads the game very well.’
    • ‘Hein scored twice, he converted a 30 yard penalty and another goal to put the game at 6-6 going into the fifth chukka.’
    • ‘I went on a crash course to learn how to play polo, I played 12 chukkers every day for 3 weeks before the big tournament.’
    • ‘On January 30 and 31 the non-participating club players will get a rare chance to play a few chukkas with the worlds best.’
    • ‘An Australian novelist described him as a ‘tall, striking man still capable of playing a couple of useful chukkas of polo… in some ways more British than the British, but with a good deal more elasticity and charm’.’
    • ‘Besides, they needed to be capable of putting up with intense work in a game of eight chukkers, galloping most of the time.’
    • ‘And so with only a bit of luck, El Duende could play four chukkers full out, and he was already caressing victory in his last championship.’
    • ‘To that end, they invited 200 journalists from all over the world to watch polo last summer, the first time a chukka had been played on the island since the 1920s.’
    • ‘Zambia ‘C’ started off on a bad note conceding five unreplied goals in the first chukka against the New Zealanders who featured a more stronger side with Mclldowie and Brown doing much of the damage.’



/ˈCHəkər/ /ˈtʃəkər/


Late 19th century from Hindi cakkar, from Sanskrit cakra ‘circle or wheel’.