Definition of church planting in English:

church planting


  • The practice of establishing a core of Christian worshipers in a parish, with the intention that they should develop into a thriving congregation.

    ‘plans for evangelism and church planting are being drawn up’
    • ‘But where creation-based methods have been employed, both evangelism and church planting ministries are proving successful in situations where other methods have failed.’
    • ‘In response, an early form of church planting was attempted.’
    • ‘Furthermore, their aggressive church planting protected them from becoming stagnant.’
    • ‘Another factor that affected these numbers is that some of the ‘new’ church starts within the Korean Baptist church movement resulted from church splits, while others came into being because of intentional church planting.’
    • ‘The final stage of the transition was marked on Saturday 27 September by a special commissioning service to set Gareth apart for the wider ministry of church planting and preaching.’
    • ‘The extra funding will go toward spreading the gospel through projects such as church planting and theological education.’
    • ‘John spent five years in Italy and Europe in church planting and evangelism.’
    • ‘My visit confirmed my earlier impressions, that Vladimir and his fellow believers are a serious-minded devout group of the Lord's people intent on church planting, and needing our prayers and practical support.’
    • ‘A more recent endeavor of church planting is represented by Evangel Chinese Baptist Church in Edmonton.’
    • ‘The aim is church planting and we observe from that time to this that without church planting Christianity will never take root.’
    • ‘As a church elder, he became heavily involved in church planting and introducing Christianity on such islands as Vanuatu and Port Vila where some people were said to be cannibals.’
    • ‘There is a two-fold work that needs to be undertaken here in the Philippines - firstly, evangelism and church planting, and secondly, the work of reformation.’
    • ‘Much needs to be done in the areas of pastoral training, Reformed literature, Christian periodicals and radio programming, as well as evangelism and church planting, by those who know the power and truth of God.’
    • ‘But, while they focused on conservative and/or moderate evangelical theology, evangelism, church planting, and pastoral care, less attention was given to the wider social context in which South African churches operated.’
    • ‘Along with their music and evangelistic ministry, Craig and Donna have been involved in church planting and pastoral ministry for over three decades.’
    • ‘It helps me to stop asking, ‘Why do some of the evangelism and church planting people preach such an incomplete gospel?’’
    • ‘Andrew and I will be heading off to my favourite non-African country for a learning time in Coventry with a whole bunch of church planting teams from various parts of the world.’
    • ‘If your church is denominationally independent, the funds generally must come from those individuals that commit themselves to the church planting process.’
    • ‘Right at the end of our little retreat we will be heading off to Van Reenen to hang out with some of the church planting teams that we have been working with.’
    • ‘At a church planting congress in 1998, representatives of Latin American nations set the very ambitious goal of planting a total of 500,000 new Christian churches by the year 2010.’


church planting

/CHərCH ˈplan(t)iNG/ /tʃərtʃ ˈplæn(t)ɪŋ/