Definition of chute-the-chute in English:



(also chute-the-chutes)
  • A steep slide or roller coaster, especially with water at the foot.

    ‘The park has three water rides including a very short Log Flume, a River Rapids Ride, and an excellently themed chute-the-chutes splash ride called Escape from Pompeii.’
    • ‘Just beyond center field was a large amusement park, featuring a chute-the-chutes advertised as the highest and steepest in the world.’
    • ‘But patrons were equally taken with White City's enjoyable attractions, including several roller coasters, a chute-the-chutes, two ballrooms, inexpensive eats, and its landmark Electric Tower.’
    • ‘A clubhouse, bathing beach, aerial swing, chute-the-chutes, and a miniature railway were added and the spot became known as ` Antlers Park - reached via the Dan Patch Electric Line’.’
    • ‘The chute-the-chutes riding device (the chutes led from the tower) is one of the best remembered segments of the park.’
    • ‘These young children of extremely high intellectual acumen fail to be interested in ‘child's play’ for the same reason that in adulthood they will fail to patronize custard-pie movies or chute-the-chutes at amusement parks.’


(also chute-the-chutes)
chute the chute or chute the chutes
  • Slide down or ride on a chute-the-chute.