Definition of chylous in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkīləs/



See chyle

‘In the small bowel mesentery, the spaces may be filled with chyle and are called chylous lymphangioma.’
  • ‘Lymphangioleiomyomatosis, a disease affecting primarily women, is characterized by progressive cystic lung lesions, recurrent pneumothoraces, chylous effusions, lymphatic tumors, and angiomyolipomas.’
  • ‘I am a little bit worried about a really odd pulmonary lymphoma with chylous effusions and I am going to need the pathologist.’
  • ‘Dyspnea is the usual presenting complaint and is related to both chylous effusions, which may be large, and obstructive airway disease.’
  • ‘The other patient without symptomatic improvement after sclerosis had a history of a lobectomy and was found to have a chylous effusion.’