Definition of ciguatera in English:



  • Poisoning by neurotoxins as a result of eating the flesh of tropical marine fish that carries a toxic dinoflagellate.

    This is caused by Gambierdiscus toxicus, phylum Dinophyta

    ‘However, a few species, such as the blue parrotfish and one Indo-Pacific species, have caused ciguatera in humans.’
    • ‘Seafood ingestion syndromes such as diarrhetic shellfish poisoning, ciguatera poisoning, and scombroid poisoning also can cause diarrhea in travelers.’
    • ‘Each year, ciguatera poisoning accounts for several thousand illnesses in Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Hawaii, and Florida.’
    • ‘The symptoms of ciguatera poisoning last for one to two weeks.’
    • ‘When he went to the Poisons Centre, he discovered that it wasn't the margarine, but that he'd copped a dose of ciguatera poisoning.’
    • ‘Common fish which can give ciguatera fish poisoning include groupers, barracudas, snappers, and mackerel.’
    • ‘St. Vincent & the Grenadines, for example, has had only one confirmed incidence of ciguatera poisoning, but it was devastating.’
    • ‘The government said there were 75 cases of ciguatera poisoning affecting 233 people between 2000 and 2003.’
    • ‘They are one of the commonest carriers of ciguatera poisoning.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, I never made it to the outer reefs - shortly after my first dive on Rodrigues I was struck down by ciguatera.’



/ˌsēɡwəˈterə/ /ˌsiɡwəˈtɛrə/


Mid 19th century from American Spanish, from cigua ‘sea snail’.