Definition of ciliary in English:



  • 1Biology
    Relating to or involving cilia.

    ‘ciliary action’
    • ‘Escudier and coworkers studied the ciliary ultrastructure of 40 patients who had respiratory tract infections.’
    • ‘These spines contain epidermal cells and ciliary sensory cells.’
    • ‘Cigarette smoking is known to affect ciliary action in the nasopharynx and respiratory tract.’
    • ‘Food is entrapped in mucous and transported by ciliary action to the esophagus.’
    • ‘Purkinje and his pupil, Gustav Valentin, extensively studied ciliary movement.’
  • 2Anatomy
    Relating to the eyelashes or eyelids.

    ‘The cylopegic drops will relieve ciliary spasm and dilate the pupil.’
    • ‘Intense ciliary and conjunctival hyperemia occurs, and diffuse eye swelling may occur, including the eyelids.’
    1. 2.1Relating to the ciliary body of the eye.
      • ‘It clings to the retina, the ciliary epithelium, and the margin of the optic nerve.’



/ˈsilēˌerē/ /ˈsɪliˌɛri/