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cinder block

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  • A lightweight building brick made from small cinders mixed with sand and cement.

    British term breeze block

    ‘His dark patio was hemmed in by a cinder block retaining wall that created a barrier between the 1940s house and the rest of the yard.’
    • ‘She is walking me through the skeleton of the future clinic, which is being built cinder block by cinder block beside the old one.’
    • ‘For brick, concrete and cinder block, only latex should be used.’
    • ‘I have a question concerning the interior of my 1950's cinder block home.’
    • ‘I have a cinder block wall in a finished basement in a house built in 1978.’
    • ‘In our house, this kind of texture has been sprayed over a cinder block wall.’
    • ‘We had to learn how to work with cinder block, cement, and stucco.’
    • ‘I found myself on my room's balcony, which is separated from the other balconies by a barrier no thicker than a cinder block.’
    • ‘He had the entire floor finished, it was plywood nailed onto a two-by-four frame supported by a sturdy cinder block foundation.’
    • ‘She parked her Ford Ranger on the west side of the small, half cinder block, half brick building.’
    • ‘Rats, too, can gnaw through lead sheathing, cinder block, aluminum sheeting, glass and electrical wires.’
    • ‘Although the lobby and studio were lost, some of the 60-seat theatre was preserved in the cinder block building.’
    • ‘Nigerians build simple rectangular or cylindrical houses of reed, mud brick, or cinder block.’
    • ‘The cinder block building where these components were housed was cramped and poorly lit.’
    • ‘However, some problems can arise if the wall is made of brick or cinder block.’
    • ‘Family houses are constructed of cinder block or brick rather than wood.’
    • ‘You're in a cinder block cell the size of most people's bathroom.’
    • ‘The fire tore through the cinder block walls of five elevator shafts, turning them into giant chimneys for acrid, black smoke.’
    • ‘Dry, sweet-smelling woods that hide the square cinder block house he shares with his wife and daughter.’
    • ‘Her cinder block apartment is sparse and clean, and the red curtains create a rosy hue in the morning sunlight.’


cinder block

/ˈsindər bläk/ /ˈsɪndər blɑk/