Definition of cineaste in English:


(also cineast)


  • 1A filmmaker.

    ‘Nouvelle vague of the 1960s was conceived in a similar spirit by French cineasts who realized that the Hollywood studios had turned the movie into a product to be consumed.’
    1. 1.1A person who is fond of or knowledgeable about the cinema.
      • ‘The dialogue sparkles, and the development of the story may have some cineastes thinking of Eric Rohmer.’
      • ‘She'd come on an intellectual pilgrimage in search of French cineastes who could discuss the films of Renoir, Cocteau, Bunuel.’
      • ‘The film adaptation attracted excited and enthusiastic critical comment from cineastes, especially in France.’
      • ‘Federico Fellini has cachet among modern cinéastes, and La Dolce Vita is among his most celebrated works.’
      • ‘This is a film budding cineastes would do well to analyze.’
      • ‘The film does something that true cineastes love - it relies upon our intelligence.’
      • ‘Younger cineastes owe it to themselves and their film educations to check out some of Al Pacino's early work.’
      • ‘The film is jam-packed with nifty little touches that will appeal to the cineaste more than the casual video viewer.’
      • ‘For most cineastes, Paris, Texas has earned a privileged place as one of the most preeminent American films of the 1980s.’
      • ‘These are the real treasures for us cineastes who were not alive in the '50s, the greatest decade for American sound and colour cinema.’
      • ‘Both films show both their age and no one much thought they would be of interest to cineastes 40 years later.’
      • ‘His early American films had always provided him with a solid reputation among French cineastes.’
      • ‘Even sophisticated cineastes were charmed by the film because it clearly didn't aspire to be anything more than a crisp rendition of the genre.’
      • ‘You know the type I'm referring to: pretentious cineastes who like only dull movies that offer no entertainment value.’
      • ‘The treasures of Balkan cinema remain unknown even to cineastes.’
      • ‘She is a passionate cineaste with a flat lined with books and videos reflecting the spread of her interests and enthusiasms.’
      • ‘It's stupid to ask a cineaste for his top ten films - top five hundred, more like.’
      • ‘To this day, cineastes talk admiringly of the film's car chase and the thrilling climactic gun battle.’
      • ‘Kümel is not especially well-known outside a small world of cineastes.’
      • ‘I have made this film with the average cineaste in mind.’


1920s from French cinéaste, from ciné (from cinéma), on the pattern of enthousiaste ‘enthusiast’.