Definition of cinéma-vérité in English:


Pronunciation /ˌsinəməˌveriˈtā/ /ˌsɪnəməˌvɛrɪˈteɪ/


  • 1A style of filmmaking characterized by realistic, typically documentary motion pictures that avoid artificiality and artistic effect and are generally made with simple equipment.

    ‘He then juxtaposes that style with elements of realism, in particular cinéma-vérité documentary work.’
    • ‘Yet to call this film cinéma-vérité would be wrong.’
    • ‘Nowhere are the signifiers of cinéma-vérité, an approach based on the idea that the camera be as unobtrusive as possible.’
    • ‘The film is shot in a grainy, cinéma-vérité style that is occasionally interrupted by a narrator.’
    • ‘I wanted to create a new fusion of all those styles: cinéma-vérité, fiction, neo-realism and dogme.’
    1. 1.1Motion pictures made in the style of cinéma-vérité collectively.


French, literally ‘cinema truth’.