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Trademark ; mainly North American
  • A movie theater with several separate screens; a multiplex.

    ‘There are really only three action movies hitting the cineplexes in the holiday season without franchise credentials.’
    • ‘The film boasts an emotional honesty all too rarely seen at cineplexes these days.’
    • ‘Mental illness is too complex a subject for an hour and a half at the cineplex.’
    • ‘Leaving the cineplex, we crossed the street to the stadium.’
    • ‘She obviously wanted to spend her Valentine's Day alone because she packed me off to the cineplex.’
    • ‘I'm for any movie that sparks debate and thought outside of the cineplex.’
    • ‘The audience were well-groomed types who usually crowd cineplexes for Hollywood movies and stay away from theatrical performances.’
    • ‘Action films abound in cineplexes across the world, providing audience members with a brief adrenaline rush and occupying ninety minutes of their time.’
    • ‘My local cineplex has 12 screens.’
    • ‘The way it is right now, every film in a cineplex must be made for children to watch.’
    • ‘There were many other films out there besides the ‘family’ films being churned out at the local cineplex.’
    • ‘The cineplex will feature stadium seating and wall-to-wall screens.’
    • ‘They are frequent moviegoers, meaning they travel to the cineplex at least once a month.’
    • ‘Audiences can now partake of French films at their favorite cineplex in the capital.’
    • ‘I may actually pay the eight bucks to see one of your movies at the cineplex.’
    • ‘Theater owners worry that folks will find it easier - and cheaper - to wait for the DVD rather than brave the lines at their cineplex.’
    • ‘Since then, I haven't been back to the cineplex, and I don't think I've even seen more than one or two movies.’
    • ‘Our destination, a cineplex, was 10 short blocks away.’
    • ‘Ballard doesn't go out to his local cineplex but watches rented movies at home.’
    • ‘The site will also contain 50 retail units, multi-storey and underground parking and a six-screen cineplex.’
    movie theater, movie house



/ˈsinəˌpleks/ /ˈsɪnəˌplɛks/


1970s blend of cinema and complex.