Definition of cinnamon toast in English:

cinnamon toast


mainly North American
  • Buttered toast sprinkled with ground cinnamon and sugar.

    ‘I wanted to run a tearoom how I would like it to be, serving really nice cakes, scrambled eggs and smoked salmon, cinnamon toast and anchovy toast.’
    • ‘I guess it didn't help much that I had had cinnamon toast with a lot of sugar dumped on it for breakfast.’
    • ‘The two slices of cinnamon toast were hot and well buttered.’
    • ‘How about some cinnamon toast and apple juice?’
    • ‘I can do cereal and cinnamon toast with anybody.’
    • ‘I had oatmeal, coffee, cinnamon toast and a huge glass of juice.’
    • ‘The next day, Ember awoke to the familiar smell of cinnamon toast and tea.’
    • ‘The soft scent of eggs, the powerful scent of coffee, and a lovely aroma of cinnamon toast made their way to his nose.’
    • ‘Ann chose a toasted teacake while I asked for cinnamon toast.’
    • ‘You could also order cinnamon toast, or a hot section of baguette served with a hard-boiled egg.’
    • ‘I remember she also indulged my love for cinnamon toast and occasionally tucked that into my lunch kit instead of a sandwich.’