Definition of cinquecento in English:



the cinquecento
  • The 16th century as a period of Italian art, architecture, or literature, with a reversion to classical forms.

    ‘Benedetto Montagna worked as a painter and engraver well into the cinquecento.’
    • ‘Such complexity of meanings appealed marvelously to learned patrons and artists of the cinquecento.’
    • ‘In the middle of the cinquecento, at least in certain cultivated circles, there was a taste for figures in paintings that ambiguously combined male and female characteristics.’
    • ‘He was an accomplished decorator in the cinquecento style.’
    • ‘In the late cinquecento, Florentine patrons seized upon the cloister lunette fresco cycle as an ideal format for reformist didactic painting.’



/ˌCHiNGkwəˈCHentō/ /ˌtʃɪŋkwəˈtʃɛntoʊ/


Italian, literally ‘500’ (shortened from milcinquecento ‘1500’) used with reference to the years 1500–99.