Definition of circinate in English:



  • 1Botany
    Denoting leaves or fronds that are rolled up with the tip in the centre, for example the young frond of a fern.

    ‘Most also have circinate branch tips, which unroll like the fiddle head of a fern.’
    ‘Droseraceæ are known from Violaceæ by their circinate leaves.’
  • 2Medicine
    Circular in appearance.

    ‘The transilluminated retinal image of the right eye at autopsy shows a circinate, elevated, perimacular retinal fold.’
    ‘Hard exudates may form a circinate pattern around a leaking microaneurysm.’


Early 19th century from Latin circinatus, past participle of circinare ‘make round’, from circinus ‘pair of compasses’.



/ˈsəːsɪnət/ /ˈsəːsɪneɪt/