Definition of circle the wagons in English:

circle the wagons


informal North American
  • (of a group) unite in defense of a common interest.

    • ‘the Lakers quickly circled the wagons, against the Spurs and the crowd’
    • ‘We seem to be circling the wagons for self-protection.’
    • ‘Conservatives circled the wagons around him after his comments about homosexuality.’
    • ‘We all went through some tough times together, but we really circled the wagons.’
    • ‘The Cuban people continue to circle the wagons around him in response to efforts to bring down his government.’
    • ‘The establishment's response has been to circle the wagons.’
    • ‘As we expected, you are trying to circle the wagons to protect your hold on power.’
    • ‘They want to circle the wagons and say there's no problem.’
    • ‘The press office responded to criticism by circling the wagons and freezing out reporters.’
    • ‘The public health people have been circling the wagons to cover up the facts!’
    • ‘All professional organizations are known to circle the wagons at the first signs of trouble.’


    With reference to the defensive position of a wagon train under attack.