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  • 1A circular band, typically one made of precious metal, worn on the head as an ornament.

    ‘A circlet rested atop his head, and was adorned with a single, four-pointed star.’
    • ‘She wears a long veil with a circlet of flowers round her head.’
    • ‘Some women wear a shayla, a black gauzy scarf wrapped around the head and held in place by a variety of hats, head circlets, or jewelry.’
    • ‘He was wearing a bronze loincloth and a bronze circlet of thorns.’
    • ‘The headdress was a golden circlet with silvery strings flowing off it.’
    • ‘Her hands nervously adjusted the folds of her gown and the circlet against her hair.’
    • ‘Kuja yanked the red jewel and pearls off her circlet, leaving only a black band, and stuffed it in her bag.’
    • ‘A golden circlet crowned his head with four perfect diamonds that sat with equal spacing in it.’
    • ‘Delicate fresh garlands of these enchanting blossoms were also fashioned into elegant little circlets, then attached to bridal veils.’
    • ‘I wore a gold circlet around my head instead of a veil.’
    • ‘Her deep black hair formed a braided circlet around her head.’
    • ‘Her gown was simple, and she wore the matching circlet.’
    • ‘She helped me get dressed in one of the elaborate straight white gowns and placed a silver circlet on my head after brushing my long hair.’
    • ‘She appeared wearing a magnificent green velvet gown richly adorned and a golden circlet was upon her head.’
    • ‘He was obviously a noble of some sort, with a thin circlet around his head.’
    • ‘Both ladies were wearing slim gold circlets studded with diamonds, which marked them as princesses.’
    • ‘They looked like angels, wearing robes of white and gold, with golden circlets atop their heads.’
    • ‘And every night we wore these golden circlets when we sat at table in the hall.’
    • ‘A circlet of silver bound around her head kept her dark brown curls out of her eyes.’
    • ‘She then pulled the circlet off her head and threw it across the passage.’
    ring, round, band, hoop, circlet
    1. 1.1A small circular arrangement or object.
      ‘The mouth of most echinoids is provided with five hard teeth arranged in a circlet.’
      • ‘Despite the dearth of light, his pupils were the size of pin-pricks, and were ringed in jagged circlets of gold.’
      coronet, diadem, tiara, circlet, chaplet, fillet, wreath, garland, headband





Late Middle English from circle+ -et, perhaps reinforced by archaic French cerclet.