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circuit board

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  • A thin rigid board containing an electric circuit; a printed circuit.

    ‘With the circuit board securely fastened thereon, the upper board is placed on the lower board.’
    • ‘The system works through an electronic circuit board attached to the coin acceptor in a vending machine.’
    • ‘A motherboard - a circuit board on which computer chips are joined together - is the basis of a computer.’
    • ‘The circuit board resembles those already present in many cars, and could be installed fairly cheaply.’
    • ‘Also mounted on the circuit board are a memory controller module and nine separate memory chips.’
    • ‘A motherboard is the main circuit board inside a PC that holds and connects all of its chips, drives, and other parts.’
    • ‘The large circuit board into which the Central Processing Unit, memory boards and peripheral cards are plugged is referred to as the motherboard.’
    • ‘Integrated circuit chips are mounted directly to a circuit board with contact pads facing away from the board.’
    • ‘A wlan interface card is a small circuit board that is installed in a personal computer so that users can connect to the Internet without wires.’
    • ‘A design fault meant that a connection on the main circuit board was wearing out too quickly.’
    • ‘If you rip open your computer and look at the larger things that are stuck on the circuit board, you'll see they're attached by two or more metal prongs.’
    • ‘A typical design includes either a circuit board or a flimsy material that lies underneath the buttons on the keyboard.’
    • ‘It was a TV remote, though part of the casing was gone and extra components bulged from the circuit board.’
    • ‘The CEO claims that they'll be able to shrink the circuit board to a single chip by the end of the year.’
    • ‘A reduced multi-chip module in the circuit board frees up space in the camera by almost 60 per cent.’
    • ‘Some people shouldn't be allowed near a circuit board with a soldering iron.’


circuit board

/ˈsərkət bô(ə)rd/ /ˈsərkət bɔ(ə)rd/