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nounplural noun circuitries

  • 1Electric circuits collectively.

    ‘solid state circuitry’
    • ‘The source uses two or more electrodes for ionization and control, and solid state circuitry for operation.’
    • ‘Tunable lasers are fabricated using complex methods and require sophisticated and integrated control circuitry.’
    • ‘Intelligence is quick feedback that miniature circuitry enables.’
    • ‘Makers can use fewer chips and thus have a compact sensor with smaller, cheaper integrated circuitry.’
    • ‘The invention includes a number of methods and structures pertaining to integrated circuitry.’
    • ‘Programmable, electronic thermostats couple sensors with circuitry to do the job.’
    • ‘You will need some understanding of circuitry and wiring for this project.’
    • ‘The fuse may be a simple mechanical striking mechanism, or involve the release of corrosive or volatile chemicals, or use electrical circuitry.’
    • ‘Certainly they have some knowledge of electrical circuitry, all right?’
    • ‘A Baltimore research team has developed a technique for building electrical circuitry that can bend and stretch like rubber.’
    • ‘The module has circuitry operating at microwave frequencies.’
    • ‘They are pretty close and may need two crystals or some fancy circuitry.’
    • ‘The coherent light beams could lead to ultrafast computer circuitry that transmits data optically.’
    • ‘Unlike delicate solid-state circuitry, valves are incredibly robust from an electrical perspective.’
    • ‘Odd blocklike shapes resemble the irregular geometric configurations of computer circuitry.’
    • ‘The rods are sawn into slices, providing the silicon wafers on which a chip's circuitry is constructed.’
    • ‘All electronic circuitry and devices have an inherent noise due to the flow of current in them.’
    • ‘Other optical methods use various wavelengths, measurement sites, and electronic circuitry.’
    1. 1.1A circuit or system of circuits performing a particular function in an electronic device.
      ‘switching circuitry’
      • ‘Designers will have to put the necessary circuitry in their handheld devices.’
      • ‘Electronic circuitry surrounding the sensors amplifies and processes the neuron signals, which are extremely weak.’
      • ‘Instead of film, the camera has electronic circuitry like a video camera.’
      • ‘Each of the associated heater resistors has associated active circuitry on the chip.’
      • ‘An artificial pacemaker contains a battery and circuitry which produces electrical pulses of short duration capable of stimulating the heart.’
      • ‘The computer program code logic is executed by the processing circuitry and is configured to generate an output signal.’
      • ‘Alas, not only had a transistor blown, the short had wrecked the high-voltage circuitry.’
      • ‘The test circuitry is operable to store or generate a test data pattern.’
      • ‘The electrical circuitry on the drive can be compromised.’
      • ‘The addressing circuitry has been changed to allow a full address to be sent to the memory.’
      • ‘Since it shares the same sound circuitry as the regular iPod, sound quality is what you would expect.’
      • ‘The laser module has an output connected to a controller via filtering and reference circuitry.’
      • ‘The two less obvious technologies that make this all work are the transformer and the balance circuitry.’
      • ‘This small metal container houses a battery and the electrical circuitry that regulates the rate of electrical pulses sent to your heart.’
      • ‘The computer circuitry coordinates the information and initiates the appropriate response.’
      • ‘We measured the current that goes through the CPU power circuitry.’
      • ‘The company developed dedicated circuitry that supports fast playback of the images with only a graphics card.’
      • ‘In the front-end circuitry, scope designers are beginning to use more exotic materials to improve performance.’
      • ‘It has RAM and circuitry just like a computer, so it can store and transmit information.’
      • ‘It did not contain any circuitry to limit damaging electrical spikes, so it is quite unsuitable for use with a computer.’



/ˈsərkətrē/ /ˈsərkətri/