Definition of circular saw in English:

circular saw

Pronunciation /ˈsərkyələr sô/ /ˈsərkjələr sɔ/

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  • A power saw with a rapidly rotating toothed disk.

    ‘Generally, use a handsaw or a circular saw to cut straight lines, a coping saw or a portable jigsaw to cut irregular lines.’
    • ‘Most cuts can be made with a circular saw, handsaw, or saber saw, but the angled back support would be more easily cut with a table saw.’
    • ‘It could potentially boost the safety of all power saws, including band saws and circular saws.’
    • ‘Though you can use hand tools to cut through a roof, a circular saw or a reciprocating saw is easier and faster.’
    • ‘If you do a lot of plywood cutting with a circular saw you might also invest in a commercial straightedge.’
    • ‘The door is made with simple but strong half-lap joints, using just a few basic hand tools and a circular saw.’
    • ‘The cement board is cut to fit the plywood, using a circular saw equipped with the appropriate blade.’
    • ‘Here's a fast, foolproof way to make perfectly square, 90-degree crosscuts with a circular saw.’
    • ‘The casualty toll is enough to make you wince: there were 2,506 accidents involving electric drills, 1,920 involving circular saws and 622 involving chainsaws last year.’
    • ‘Cut along the line with your circular saw at its maximum depth, then rotate the timber one time to expose the adjacent face.’
    • ‘A circular saw is the most basic of woodworking tools.’
    • ‘Make your pencil lines and cut on the back of the panel to avoid splintering the veneer with your circular saw.’
    • ‘Use a circular saw with a composition metal-cutting blade to cut them to size.’
    • ‘The project requires only straight cuts made with a circular saw, takes about three days to complete, and costs about $500.’
    • ‘Do not use a circular saw to make this unsupported cut.’
    • ‘A portable circular saw is the tool to use when you need to shorten a door to fit an existing opening or to accommodate a new layer of thick carpeting.’
    • ‘Clamp a straightedge to the door to guide a circular saw along your cut line.’
    • ‘Using a table saw or circular saw, cut the board to length.’
    • ‘Also, be sure you wear eye and ear protection when cutting it with a chop saw or circular saw.’
    • ‘He is now suffering from hearing loss and believes that working alongside loud circular saws with no ear protection is responsible.’