Definition of circumambulate in English:


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transitive verb

[with object] formal
  • Walk all the way around (something)

    ‘they used to circumambulate the perimeter wall’
    • ‘We walked barefoot and circumambulated the outer walls of the temple.’
    • ‘The temple is crowded with a number of people, most of them with prayer wheels in their hands, circumambulating the sanctum.’
    • ‘They will circumambulate the stadium once and then take the torches to the cauldron.’
    • ‘I looked forward to circumambulating Mount Kailash - a difficult 33-kilometer hike on foot.’
    wander, rove, ramble, meander, drift, maunder



/ˌsərkəmˈambyəlāt/ /ˌsərkəmˈæmbjəleɪt/