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‘The concept of ‘worldliness’ for Said was a profound understanding of circumstantiality and the role of what Marx refers to as ‘sensuous’ human activity in interpretation.’
  • ‘He adds that ‘A rhetorical education reminds us of the inevitable circumstantiality of all human judgment, but shows us how we can control and offset that circumstantiality.’’
  • ‘His circumstantiality sometimes has the powerful effect so often remarked in the descriptions of Defoe.’
  • ‘From the legal standpoint, especially in regard to the requisite proper care in pursuit of a claim, use of this database on the Internet is solely in the realm of circumstantiality and does not relieve the individual engaged in a search of the need for further searching and exploration.’
  • ‘Somehow, the sense of circumstantiality and of power in reserve (if an anecdote or example doesn't sound strained but sounds as if you've got fifty others and this is the best one you chose) are factors that are rhetorically important.’



/ˌsərkəmˌstan(t)SHēˈalədē/ /ˌsərkəmˌstæn(t)ʃiˈælədi/